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Friday, September 06, 2013


Some critics write so well about performances. Intersections is a series of blogs about some of the things that were written or said, usually by critics but not only by them, about my own favorite female film performances; about classic performances; or about other performances I feel should be included.

At present, only English-language performances are included. As I learn, and as I complete the English-language portion, perhaps I can expand the project to include foreign-language performances. Certainly, many foreign-language performances have been discussed along with those in English.

I include performances from television or mini-series. Often there's no fundamental difference. So far I'm not including television series, although many times the acting is just as compelling.

I focus on a period that corresponds to the years of my most intense interest in contemporary performances, roughly 1977 to 1992. For the sake of just finishing, so far, I'm stopping there--although I go back to the beginning of sound movies. There's less attempt to be fully inclusive with earlier movies, though.

I'm not exactly sure why women in general are more interesting to me on screen than men. Certainly there are hundreds of outstanding, moving male performances.

I quote mostly certain critics. Sometimes it's hard to know how much of a quote to include. I remember certain selections, then read the context and think it's interesting, too. Where possible, I also quote actors, directors, anyone who expresses an interesting opinion. So, there's a lot written or said, that I've never read or heard, that would otherwise make it in these blogs.

The main thing:

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